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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (abbreviated CUHK and Chinese University in English) is a public research university in Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Formally established in 1963 by a charter granted by the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, it is the territory's second oldest institution of higher learning and only collegiate university. It is originally evolved from three existing colleges, the oldest of which was founded in 1949. These colleges themselves were formed also by merging universities that had existed in mainland China. The University has developed rapidly afterwards with the establishment of various academic departments and new colleges.

Today, CUHK is organized into nine constituent colleges and eight academic faculties. Despite the name of the University, English is the main language of instruction, with Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese being retained only by a minority of departments. As of 2013, four Nobel Laureates are associated with CUHK. It is also the only tertiary institution in the territory to have winners of the Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Fields Medal and Veblen Prize as faculty in residence.

It also hosts the Hong Kong Internet Exchange, a metropolitan network backbone founded in 1995.

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