8 Apr 2013 (Mon)

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We are honoured to announce that Timable is the winner of Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013 - Best Mobile Apps (Mobile Marketing) Silver Award, as also Best Mobile Apps (Mobile Marketing) Special Mention (Start-up Company).

Timable 榮獲 2013 香港資訊及通訊科技獎 - 最佳流動應用程式 (流動營銷) 銀獎,同時亦是 最佳流動應用程式 (流動營銷) 特別嘉許 (新晉公司)。

Timable is a time-based event listing platform, covering all kinds of leisure, entertainment and cultural events in Hong Kong. It allows user to discover happenings during specific instant of time, at specific geographic location.

The Timable iOS App was launched in 2012 Q3. Combining user mobility and our "time + location" concept, the Timable iOS App created the cutting edge in real-time event discovery and contributes to the new time-based marketing model.

Timable 是一個以時間主導的事件搜尋平台。內容涵蓋香港各類娛樂消閒及文化活動。透過Timable,使用者能夠輕易地搜尋於特定日期、時間、地點發生的事情。

Timable iOS 應用程式於2012年第3季面世。結合了現今用戶高流動性的特點和我們獨創的 "時間+地點" 搜尋概念,Timable iOS 應用程式實現了 "實時事件搜尋" 及開發了具時間性的全新網上營銷模式。