19 Apr 2012 (Thu)

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Yahoo goes local with Timable

Hong Kong – In another move to appeal to local users, Yahoo! Hong Kong has tied up with event listing website Timable to offer a one-stop search for the city's happenings.

Timable's event listings have now been integrated into Yahoo!'s style section, where users can look for events by date, time, category and location.

Lorraine Cheung, head of audience of Yahoo! Hong Kong, said the portal will also feature Timable on other platforms such as Yahoo!'s mobile app and search results.

Cheung said the tie-up fits with Yahoo!’s strategy as a Hong Kong-orientated website and gives more local information to web surfers.

"We preserved the character of Timable in the integration, but we are also seeking ways to amplify their edge.”

Cheung said the challenge facing Yahoo! is how to introduce Timable to the mass audience, and monetisation of the site will come later.

Timable claims to be one of Hong Kong's few sites that lists local events from concerts and exhibitions to festivals and shop sales.

The site has been drawing more than one million page views a month, according to Mike Ko, co-founder of Timable. The majority of visitors are local Hong Kong people aged between 18 and 34.

Ko said the partnership has successfully raised their profile, as they push to grow into a platform that is valuable to both users and event marketers.

“After the partnership was made official, we have received many phone calls from event marketers; mostly from PR agencies calling on behalf of shopping malls to promote their events.

With Yahoo!, we are aiming higher to broaden our audience base and to increase our traffic by 10, 20 times.” Ko said.

“To Timable, the challenge is to get advertisers without sacrificing editorial preferences.” Ko said.

Timable was founded in 2010 by Mike Ko and Sam Yuen.