Craftirisy 是一家提供英文书法服务及手工笔杆的小店。店主相信每位英文书法爱好者值得拥有一支属于自己又独一无二的沾墨笔。因此于2015年开始手做木杆笔,然后按客人喜好绘画不同图案及...

{ 创立于 2015年5月5日 }

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Craftirisy 是一家提供英文书法服务及手工笔杆的小店。店主相信每位英文书法爱好者值得拥有一支属于自己又独一无二的沾墨笔。因此于2015年开始手做木杆笔,然后按客人喜好绘画不同图案及装饰。

Craftirisy 创作概念源于市面上的手工笔杆使用独特木材再作磨型,因此价值不菲,令不少初学者却步。为了吸引更多人认识及保持初学者对英文书法的兴趣,Craftirisy创作经济实惠的手工笔。因此选用实用木材,然后再绘画装饰以减低成本,成品美观及实用。


Craftirisy believes each calligrapher deserves their own special & unique pen which we love to receive customized and personalised orders!

The design of Craftirisy pens is underpinned by Iris with a harmony between the function of an object and its design. Craftirisy pen has to be attractive, unique, modern but above all--- functional, using high-quality oak rods and polish with care.

Crafirisy creates to craft perfectly. We craft & paint dip ink pen with inspiration from fellow calligraphy lovers since May 2015, Iris combine her love of crafting and calligraphy to evolve into this handmade dip ink pen making business. She works with brides to create beautiful invitation, thank you cards and more wedding stationary worldwide. ​

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