EMS Edmund Mok Studios

【唱作人簡介 The Songwriter】

{ 创立于 1991年1月21日 }

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【唱作人簡介 The Songwriter】

業餘獨立唱作人Edmund Mok,有25年歌曲創作製作及15年舞台及樂隊演出經驗,自小學電子琴、學理及編曲,更曾獲香港青少年流行鋼琴公開組冠軍 。他是香港作曲家及作詞家協會會員,也是Blue Label樂隊音樂總監及鍵琴手。

Amateur Independent Songwriter-Singer Edmund Mok, having 25 years of songwriting, production and 15 years of stage performance experiences, is presenting an original CantoPop Music concert in July 2016. He learnt the electric organ, music theory and music arrangement since young, and won the Hong Kong Youth Pop Piano Music Open competition. He is also a member of the Hong Kong Composers & Authors Society, and is the producer and keyboardist of Blue Label music band.

【EMS自家創作坊 EMS Creative Production】


EMS was established in Hong Kong on Jan 21, 1991, and was relocated to London with digital production technology. Now in Hong Kong, EMS is renowned for music and video production, CD publication, live band management and stage systems. Complete stage management, musical theatre, multi-dimensional, international production and music academy.