女人国派对/ 香港 x 台湾站

{ 创立于 1986年3月1日 }

电话号码(+852) 9728-6270
电邮地址[email protected]

女人国派对/ 香港 x 台湾站
LEZS RUN THE WORLD/ Hong Kong x Taiwan
X.M.Party 寻蜜派对

我就是妳的甜心,You want Tea or Peach or Me(蜜)?
A scent of candy is lingering in the air,
This sweet and juicy fruit is awaiting for you.
As for tonight’s treat,
Would you like tea or peach or me?

地点: Azure @ Hotel LKF by Rhombus
中环云咸街33号29-30楼 // 29-30/F, 33 Wyndham St, Central
预售票 Early- bird - $260 (一杯免费调酒 with 1 standard drink)
现场票 At the door - $300 (一杯免费调酒 with 1 standard drink)
Dress Code: 帅与性感 dressy sexy

台湾最大同志派对厂牌Lez’s Meeting女人国进军香港No.2 Party
LEZSMEETING, Asia’s biggest female party originated from Taiwan. This will be the second time.
DJ RO.Z (T.W.): 22:00-00:00// DJ Michael Hsu (T.W.) 00:00-02:00 // DJ BLING (H.K.) 02:00-04:00

* 特邀台湾女同志最爱眩目甜心女DJ RO.Z,融进妳的眼与耳。
港台DJ教父音乐欲鲜欲食:台湾G-Star熊系音乐总监DJ Michael Hsu (https://www.mixcloud.com/michaelhsu213/)
+ 香港自己人电台狼系音乐DJ BLING让妳身心灵都动感尝鲜 (https://www.mixcloud.com/djbling/)
* Lez’s Meeting团队原装空运最靚仔型格PR,Q弹甜蜜互动,通电妳多变的感官神经。
* 奢华的AZURE于29楼高挑入场,轻松聊天,饮酒猎物的微醺场域,跟着节奏与PR们的陪伴,妳不得不爱上这美好夜晚。顶楼户外吸烟空间,由30楼高空俯瞰,拥抱香港最美视野享受,相拥微醺,这就是我们想要的多层次美好夜生活。
* Keep moving with our ultra-sexy DJ RO.Z
* Groove under the lead of DJ Michael and DJ BLING
* Don’t forget to say hello to our PR sweethearts from the Lez’s Meeting crew who came all the way to meet you from Taiwan.
* The X.M. Party hits one of the most premium venue at the core of Hong Kong, AZURE.
Enjoy the tipsy feeling with a sip and a kiss under the spectacular view of the central district from the rooftop at 30/f. Get everyone in the mood of this special day in the year with flesh, music, dance and romance. It definitely would be a night you cannot resist.